Jordan Dental are committed to providing the best possible dental care for all our patients and I believe that our whole team approach to customer care helps us to deliver on this promise.

David Jordan
Chief Executive, Jordan Dental

New NHS patients are welcome
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We are taking on a limited number of NHS Patients

We are currently taking on a limited number of NHS patients across all of our UK sites. You can use the interest form above to request your interest. Depending on which surgery you are interested in joining, there may be a wait time but we will respond as soon as we are able to register you as a new NHS patient. When you become an NHS patient it means you will have all of your standard dental care subsidised by the NHS and of course this greatly reduces the cost.

When NHS Dental Care isn't Enough

It is important to keep in mind that the NHS care only covers you for standard dental checkups and basic treatments. For anything that is considered cosmetic the NHS plan will not cover you. A good example of this is having white fillings rather than the standard silver fillings. Other examples would include various types of cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, again these treatments would not be covered as an NHS patient.

If you need one of these cosmetic treatments, or you would just prefer to look at private dental care then there are options for this. In addition, if you find that we have a long waiting list for taking on NHS patients then you may also want to opt for private dental care. Whilst we do offer a limited amount of cosmetic dental treatments we recommend Birkbeck Dentistry Ltd for most cosmetic dental treatments. You can find out more on their website - We have worked with Birkbeck Dentistry Ltd on a referal basis on many occassions and always have positive feedback from patients that we send there. As they specialise in private and cosmetic dental treatments they can provide an exceptional level of dental skill as well as patient care. They are particularly well versed in the care of nervous patients as well.